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A Memoir

Born not in a past of corsets, bonnets and arranged marriages

but into a future of cloning, bioterror and fleeting relationships...

could Jane Eyre survive?

Available June 2006 from Broken Wheel Books and Media

Preordering opens May 2006. Please visit back here for updates!

Erin McCole-Cupp earned a BFA in Related Arts with studies in theatre, literature, and visual art. Her work is informed by her professional experiences in acting, costume design, youth work, and international education. After two years of writing for the online fan fiction community, Erin decided she loved writing too much to keep it as a mere hobby. Under assorted pseudonyms, Erin’s writing has appeared in a number of magazines and weekly newspapers, including The Philadelphia City Paper, The Catholic Standard and Times, Parents, Outer Darkness Magazine, and The White Shoe Irregular. She lives and writes with her family of vertebrates in one of the least fashionable neighborhoods of Philadelphia.